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Kabir Singh Dialogues

Kabir Singh Dialogues

  • Football is a violent sport; opponent ke zone me ghuss ke goal karna, opponent humare zone me ghusa to usey goal karne se rokna. Mujhe toh yeh sport samajh me aata hai, sir.

  • You see that girl standing over there.. I really love her man… We live in a physical growing world aur bade ho kar maine ek hi cheez seekhi hai, ki agar humko kabhi bhi kuch hota hai na… there is always one person who is most effected… for me that’s that girl aur agar usko kuch hua na… I will be the most fucking affected person… Understand?

  • when a woman is in love… her priority is changed… understand this
  • Suffering Is Personal… Let Him Suffer
  • It Not The Goodbye That Hurts But The Flashbacks That Follow
  • I’m Not A Rebel Without A Cause Sir, Nor A Murderer With A Hand Blade. This Is Me..
  • Medical profession me jo insaan apna gussa control nahi kar sakta hai, woh surgical blade haath me liye ek murderer se zyada kuchh nahi hai

  • Main tere liye kuch bhi kar sakta hoon preeti… agar tujh mein bhi mere liye waise hi pagalpan hai na toh…call me otherwise, you know me 
  • Jaante boojhte crime karna is a bigger crime
  • Life mein paida hona, pyaar karna aur mar jaana… yeh 10% moments sabse important hote hain… baaki 90% are just reactions to them
  • Priti koi aisi-vaisi degree nahi hai….This is MBBS…Vahn piche baith ke kya kar rahi ho

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